Livin’ And Learnin’

Hey everyone! I’m in this phase right now where I’m making a ton of mistakes—and as I do, I’m filing the incident under: “Remember when you tried this the first time?” 😆 Most of my screw-ups have occured on Instagram. The first time I posted a video on IG (my first teaser trailer), I forgot to scale it, so the subtitles were cut off. I quickly learned from that experience and did it right when I posted my second teaser trailer last weekend. Then on my birthday last week, I posted my cover teaser. Another oops moment. It cut off the bottom half of my page that stated it was available for pre-order on Amazon. So now I know that on April 25th, I have to post my cover reveal on top of a blurred background. I also learned that if fancy Unicode font/art work nicely on Facebook, that doesn’t necessarily translate over to IG. The text that accompanied my collage reveal was all over the place. Yeesh!

Instagram FAIL!

One HUGE lesson I learned today is to never let strangers beta read for you. I had a very negative experience when I advertised for beta assistance in a very large group last weekend. One member answered the call and it became a total nightmare which included name-calling and making false accusations. Not cool. I’ve since removed myself from the group and will no longer be soliciting betas that I don’t know.

I’m certain that more mishaps will occur leading up to my June 7th release date, but I’m taking everything in stride. This is my very first rodeo in the world of indie publishing and self-promotion. And even though I’ve worked in marketing for ten years, it’s very difficult promoting yourself, especially when you’re a bona fide introvert, haha! But hey…I’m doing this! – TK 🍒

The silver lining in my week of mishaps is this beautiful collage by NET Hook & Line Design!
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