A Warrior In Pink!

On the Other Side Releases September 27th! Preorder today!

It’s September, which means I haven’t blogged since completing my second book. My absence wasn’t unfruitful. My sophomore release On the Other Side has been alpha’d, beta’d, edited, re-beta’d, formatted, and proofread. I sent out the first round of ARCs yesterday, and the final ebook and paperback are locked and loaded. So yeah…a lot has happened since my last blogpost, haha!

On the Other Side is about rising action movie starlet Shae Martin who has her world rocked when she is diagnosed with breast cancer—not once, but twice. When she feels that all hope is gone, she meets two people who will change her life. One of those folks is oncology nurse, Nate Thayer.

Not only is the book done, but so is the companion to the book. I wanted to make certain that nothing interfered with Shae’s voice. However, like I told the folks over at Cherryville, there is another side to On the Other Side, and it’s Nate’s.

Enter Nate’s Fate!

When you read On the Other Side, I’m sure you’ll be curious as to what Nate’s train of thought was at a given point in time. Nate’s Fate is 20k words of just Nate.

The best part of Nate’s Fate is that I’ll be offering it for FREE starting September 27th to all my Cherry Picking subscribers! Make sure you’re all signed up for my newsletter so you can be the first to download the companion book on the day it drops! Again, this is a “companion book”, which means you’ll need to read Shae’s side before you can see where Nate’s story fits in.

By the way, a portion of sales for On the Other Side will go towards breast cancer awareness and research efforts. I carry the banner for three individuals: my beloved mom who succumbed to the illness back in 2017, my longtime friend who passed away just this year, and my first cousin who is currently a breast cancer thriver.

My yearly mammogram is scheduled the day before the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection is so important, so make sure you are having regular exams. Also, encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Alright…that’s all for now. Man oh man—I needed to blog about last month’s Book Bonanza event in Dallas! You can see my pics from the event on Instagram. I had the time of my life. If you haven’t gone to Book Bonanza, and you love to read romance, you NEED to go to this, without question. It is everything and more. I’m going back next year, no doubt!

Stay Sweet! – TK🍒