As the next in the line of succession to a global empire, Ford Cooper Pope is royalty. But beneath his cocky fa​çade lies a broken man filled with self-doubt. He once longed to leave the unattainable expectations of his father behind and run away with the love of his life. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her—right up to the moment she ripped his heart out.

Now, he wears a mask and dutifully plays the good son.

His mother, Eliza, watched the light fade behind her son’s eyes after the loss of his love. Her part in the bitter break-up caused a chasm of distance between them that took years to repair. Now, their fragile relationship is at risk once more. To placate his father, Ford is prepared to marry a woman he doesn’t love.

Can Eliza convince her son to fight for his happiness? Or will he settle for less to protect his heart?

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