As a housewife, I'm accustomed to the routine of this life. Exercise in the morning, cleaning all day, and planned meals all week. Other than the occasional Saturday out, my life is pretty boring.⁣

Until the night a proclivity from my childhood resurfaces with a vengeance, bringing with it a dark and dangerous hunger.⁣

A hunger for one man.⁣

A man who is not my husband.⁣

I've been determined my whole life to live up to the legacy of my birthright. Falling in love has never been an option. I am one step away from achieving my lifelong goal, and my focus has never been clearer. ⁣

Until I saw her. ⁣

Until I met her.⁣

Until I tasted her.⁣

Everything else falls by the wayside.⁣

She is everything I never knew I wanted.⁣

And now, I will do anything to have her.⁣

If only she weren't married...

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