Month: March 2019

Since we’re now up on Goodreads, here’s a little tease…

Hey! Looks like my upcoming debut novel is set up for preorder on Amazon! It’s also listed on Goodreads, so make sure you stop by and add it to your “Want to Read” list.

Excuse me? What’s that? You’re screaming, “What’s the title, woman?!” Oh, yes. I’m so sorry . The name of my upcoming book is titled “A Nocturnal Rendezvous” and will be the first of three tales about Nighttime Cravings. Each story will feature a unique craving.

For the first tale, here is Georgia’s…

Coming June 7th!
Stay tuned for the cover tease!

Georgia is a young housewife who’s trapped in the mundane, until an old condition of hers rears its head. But this time it brings along a sinful friend.

Will Georgia’s insane appetite cost her her marriage? Find out on June 7th! – TK 🍒


Well, I’m here! I just uploaded my very first manuscript to Amazon yesterday for presale, and I’ve been in a whirlwind ever since.

This journey is something that you and I will be taking together. I’m thinking of ways on how to document my experience as an indie published author so I can come back in a year to two year’s time and see how naive I was, haha!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks where I will be telling you more about my first book! 😉

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